andrea rose (shotgunbang) wrote,
andrea rose

its been a long time indeed!

im just writing this here because i feel terrible about see a friend of mine at work was preggers for the first time. and well shes been over reacting to things since the day she found out. well yesterday she came to me freaking out because she was spotting. shes only 9 weeks and i told her it was normal, but if it continued or got worse to call her dr! well today she came flying into the breakroom hysterical and fell on the floor. she lost her baby that she tried for 8 years to have. i didnt know what to say, i mean yesterday i told her she was fine and not to worry and then today she saw her dr and they did an ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. she said the baby will pass this weekend. im just really upset because i kept telling her everything was fine and not to worry, i feel like a bad friend. i mean ive been pregnant i know what it feels like to freak out, gah i just dont know.

now im putting my thoughts of trying for another little one on hold.
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