andrea rose (shotgunbang) wrote,
andrea rose

day from...( fill in the blank )

so today started off decent.
julie came over because we had plans to go to the dealership to raise some hell because her car is still fucked up and i still havent gotten my $ for refering her. the salesperson hasnt returned my calls either. so yeah we went, chris came along also.
so i layed it out to a orevious salesman thati bought a vehicle from and he was shocked i didnt get it. so he did some research...well we find out the check had been fucking cashed in jan NOT BY ME. yeah! it was delivered to our old address and 2 months ago i called the dealership and they said it would be returned. i asked what if it doesnt get returned? they said oh no no it WILL get returned. so the ass fuck thats living at my old address signed my name and signed his name making ti seem like i signed it over to him then he cashed it at a bank here in town.. stupid fuck. so we went to the bank. had the check faxed to them there. they gave me a copy so i can get a police report and charge his ass. opening someone elses mail is a felony, forging my signiture is something i duno what. so im very pleased with the bank branch that i went to. they have already notified the headquarters pending an investigation. so yeah hes fucked. and it was at a credit union also which he belongs. how stupid can you be!
so im thinking thurday im gonna go to the police station and fill out a report. they better arrest his ass.
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